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What is c(e)²pe?

c(e)²pe (pronounced 'keep' ) is dedicated to bringing the experiences unique to esports into actuality. We do events that are not bound to the idea of determining the best, or being mere platforms dedicated to displaying player skill. We are instead focused on the astounding narratives that come organically from the players and teams, and then seeking to create events that best showcase these specific entertainment angles. While the best teams may be at our events, that will never be the focus, instead we are seeking an event that is entertaining and compelling in its own right, that the best teams will seek us as the best platform to showcase themselves as entertainers, rather than as mere competitors. c(e)²pe is already confirmed with one stage at MEO, and already in planning for another event before the end of 2019. Well executed actions mean more than words.

Event 1

Looking to bring to the ANZ region an event not yet seen in this form locally, showcasing the distinct personalities of ANZ player and casting talent in unique and novel format.

Why the confusion of calling it c(e)²pe but pronouncing it "keep" ?

What goes into an amazing esports event is very much being on top of the details, while engaging authentically with a community, rather than imposing your entire vision externally. Our logo is there to remind us that we are delivering a complex product, that requires perfect calculation, but the end result should be stunningly simple to the audience.


Melbourne, Australia